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2023: Igbo Presidency Will End Biafra Agitation- says, former APGA Guber Candidate


Oct 14, 2020
2023 Presidency: Ohanaeze asks President Buhari to handover to Igbos

Former Deputy National Secretary and former Deputy National Chairman
South of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Jerry Obasi,
yesterday said that electing Igbo man as President in 2023 will end many agitations.

He said that the solution to Nigeria problems was Igbo presidency.

Obasi said Igbo President was what the country needs at this point in
time was Igbo presidency and pleaded that the people be allowed to
produce the next president of the country in 2023.

Speaking to our correspondent in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state capital,
Obasi who was former Chairman of APGA and 2015 Deputy Governorship
candidate of the party noted that Igbo presidency in 2023 will end
various agitations by some separatist groups in south east zone.

He called on the electorate to elect leaders with good blueprint,
arguing that the present administration have no blueprint for Nigeria.

“We need leaders that has good plans for the country because what is
happening today is very clear that the leaders we have, have no plans
for the country. There is no blue print anywhere for the development
of the country in the present administration.

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“I was thinking that President Muhammadu Buhari who ran for the
president of this country up to three, four times before becoming the president will have blue print for the country but there is no
blueprint anywhere. So, in 2023, we should elect leaders that have
good blueprint for the country.

“We have tried every part of this country. So, today, it is the turn
of the Igbo to become president of the country. The Igbo president is
now what Nigeria yo because we have tried everybody. The solution
to Nigeria socio-political and economic problems lie with Igbo
presidency and if you watch, those who love Nigeria the more are the
Igbo and they have developed every part of Nigeria without which,
those areas would have remained undeveloped.

“Every section of the country have been president; South-South, North
East, North West among others. It is only the Igbo that are remaining
to be president democratically.

“What is stopping that? And if they are sincere that they want to stop MASSOB and IPOB activities, allow Igbo man to be President let us compare the black horse and the seemingly white horse who will now become the cornerstone. But I think the solution to Nigeria problem is Igbo presidency”, he stated.

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