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2023 Presidency: Second Coming of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Should He Decamp to APC or Remain in PDP?


Oct 12, 2020
Please forgive us and come back in 2023, Nigerians begs Jonathan

The issue as regards the 2023 general election is a dicey one because it will involve political bigwigs from the nooks and crannies of not Nigeria alone but the international community who are always support in a free and fair election in Africa.

The office of the president is the highest political office anyone could hold in a country and every politician have they dream to get to that peak in their political career.

2023 is a few years to come and the political gladiators in the political parties are already going back to their drawing board to come up with strategies which can help them prosecute and win the election.

In the build up to 2015 general election President Goodluck Jonathan, a South Southerner who was the incumbent at that time indicate his interest to contest the office for a second term and he promised to bring development to Nigeria with the slogan CHANGE.

Dethronement and rejection are the two best words that could be used because Former President Goodluck Jonathan who was an incumbent lost the election which went in favour of APC candidate and a former Military head of State General Muhammadu Buhari.

After Goodluck concede defeat and handed over the government to Buhari in May 2015, he has been working all over the globe as an ambassador of peace with appointment from United Nations, ECOWAS and other international organization.

However, It is well know that the two big political rivals in Nigeria which are PDP and APC in line with federal character and Zoning are weighing the option of ceeding power to the South East because the region have been calling for power ever since democracy returned to Nigeria in 1999. The only consolation the region have since 1999 is the emergence of Former President Goodluck Jonathan as Vice President to Late President Umaru Musa Yar A’dua and subsequently president between 2011 to 2015.

Fast track to recently, many Nigerians in the south and North have been using different means to beg, clamour and call for the return of Goodluck Jonathan to power as Nigeria’s president for a second term with the fact that of he returns to contest then they will support and give him their votes.

Politicians like Honorable Aminu Shagari who is a serving lawmaker at the Federal House of Representatives who acted against the interest of the Former President last week apologized to Jonathan for working against his re election in 2015 due the way the economic and political situation is presently in the country.

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in his response through his verified facebook account replied him saying he bear no grudge against anyone whatsoever.

He wrote, “Dear Honourable Aminu Shagari, Thank you for your apology. However, I never took offence. My firm belief is that I am a pencil in the Hand of God.

“Therefore, I have no enemies to fight, because of my confidence that people can only do to me what God permits. I urge you to continue to emulate the humility of your father, the late President Shehu Shagari, a most detribalised Nigerian. May God bless you. GEJ.”

VANGUARD NEWSPAPER last week published a report that most of the northern leaders and elites have revived the echoes and canvassing for the return of Goodluck Jonathan to contest in 2023.

It was alleged that the Northern political strategists are said to be calling on Jonathan because they feel he is the unifying force around whom a government of national unity could be built after eight years of Mohammadu Buhari presidency.

The reason why they want him to come back might be connected to his developmental strides experienced by Nigerians in his first tenure. Jonathan allowed a freedom of speech such that anyone could express their opinion and talk to him anyhow, cement was less than #1,500, A bag of Rice was between #7000 and #8000 and now it is being Sold for #30,000, fuel was #87 but now it is #130 amin other things.
are looking for a suitable candidate from the south East and with the fact that President Goodluck Jonathan could have an edge over other candidates from the south east in the pecking order, the North believed that with Jonathan as president that Northern interests will not be harmed as his policies towards the north in his first term favored the North.

If you notice well, the relationship between Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari is somewhat smooth such that the former President is a regular visitor to the Aso rock and he sometimes use the official Plane of the President for his travelling especially to Mali in recent times and that could be a pointer that the North are happy with Jonathan.

Although, Former President Goodluck Jonathan has not individually released any official statement to disclose his intention to come back to rule the country but if eventually come 2023 he choose to listen to the people then there might be issue as regards Political party.


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