• Tue. May 17th, 2022

5 privileges Chelsea will still enjoy despite freezing Abramivich’s assets by the United Kingdom government

Chelsea sale: Abramovich sets out 2 demands for new owner

Chelsea will enjoyed: Few hours ago, it was reported that the UK government has frozen Abramovich’s assets including Chelsea as part of it’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine some days ago.

However, despite the latest development, Chelsea football club are still entitled to some privileges apart from the sales of Match tickets henceforth. On that note, I’ve decided to put up this article to highlight five major privileges the club would still enjoy despite the recent development.

According to a report released by BBC Sport few hours ago, Chelsea can still enjoy any of the following privileges;

Hazard return to Chelsea and signing of Antonio might be a great benefits to the Blues

1. Pay reasonable costs towards hosting home fixtures, not exceeding £500,000 per fixture per team

2. Settle the wage bill of all employees, including players and coaching staff.

3. Settle reasonable costs of travel to and from fixtures but not exceeding £20,000 per game per team

4. Fans who bought season tickets or individual match tickets before 10 March 2022 can attend games

5. All fixtures involving the club can still be broadcasted Rights-holding broadcasters.