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After the US Military freed it citizen abducted in Nigeria, See what they tells Nigerian govt

US Military Rescue Citizen in Nigeria- An American citizen was reportedly kidnapped by some bandits in Niger state, Nigeria.

When the US army got wind of the information, they sent skilled military personnel to perform an extraction operation on the abducted citizen today.

The operation was successful with no casualities on their part. Also, the US military killed six out of the seven bandits.

Further investigation revealed that the bandits had no affiliation with any terrorists group. The mission was carried out by the Navy; seal team six to be precise.

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Shortly after the mission, the US army releases an official report thanking the Nigerian government for their effective collaboration in ensuring that their citizen got freed. Also, they promised to do their possible best to ensure that American citizens held hostage get the needed support.

The Swift response of the American military was laudable. We hope the Nigerian government will borrow a leaf from this and also intensify its efforts in ensuring that Nigerians most especially in the north enjoy maximum protection.

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