• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

All Primary Schools Both Private and Public Schools Should Do Before Resumption

(Video): President Buhari's New Year 2021 Broadcast Live

Federal Government is trying to reopen schools and colleges, but to my own opinion, I don’t think the federal government should reopen primary schools both private and public schools, because those pupils can’t take proper care of themselves but the federal government needs to reopen universities, polytechnics, and other colleges. Because those higher institutions have the full understanding of COVID-19.

Reason Government Should Not Reopen Primary Schools Both Private And Public Schools:

1. Those pupils can’t maintain social distance.

2. They can’t use face masks always.

3. They can’t wash their hands regularly.

4. They didn’t have a full understanding of COVID-19.

Federal Government, should take note of that. But the federal government needs to reopen universities and colleges.

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