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An Open Letter to Babajide Kolade Over Ondo Gov’norship Election


Oct 10, 2020

An Open Letter To Babajide-Kolade Otitoju On His Prediction Regarding Today’s Ondo Gov’ship Election.

Dear Sir,

I am an ardent follower of your daily program, Journalists Hangout, which cuts across issues on societal, political, religious, and criminal analyses to name a few. So, I deem it is fit to write you because of my undiluted love for you and your program.

As a trained, seasoned, and professional journalist on air that you are. I would like to appeal to you to refrain from election predictions due to the sensitivity of the issue. This is because many of your followers and viewers now see you as being partisan in your journalistic work.

This, I believe, may not be so. Why I say it may not be so is that politics just like a game of football propels one to show love to a particular team. And when that happens one may be tagged a fantastical fan or a die-hard fan. This is normal in Sports, however, it maybe termed to mean something else if it is in politics.

Nigeria is a country of multiple religions(a circular state) and tribes of diverse languages are always divided along political line, especially in times of election like this in Ondo State.

I understand you have an insatiable appetite to pour out your minds whenever the need arises as it can be seen with your daily analysis on TVC.

Once bitten, twice! May I refresh your memory with your last prediction of Edo governornship poll, which later turned out in favour opposing candidate, Governor Godwin Obaseki. It is no doubt that your prediction which went in the opposite made you a subject of ridicule on social media. Many of them tagged you as APC card-carrying member in disguise. Other said you were doing the bidding of your pay master, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Like I said earlier, once bitten twice shy! It is said rain must not beat one twice into same room. I hope your today’s prediction of Ondo governornship would go your way just as you have predicted it. However, should your projection go wrong for a second time, it means you would have lost a sizeable number of fans and followers of yours.

In conclusion, I presume you can still do excellently even without predicting winners for an election in Nigeria.

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