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An Open Letter To Governor Wike On Oyigbo Massacre

An Open letter was written to the executive governor of Rivers State, Governor Nyesom Wike On Oyigbo Massacre,

Read below;

Dear Governor,

We recalled that as the EndSARS protest took a different dimension occasioned by hoodlums, Rivers was among the States that imposed curfew as a measure to end the killings, wantum destructions and looting of public and private properties.

This action taken by the States was seen by many as a welcome development.

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However, in Rivers State and according to information making the rounds, Oyigbo was among the towns where huge losses were recorded and which the government believed was caused by members of IPOB.

In review, whereas the curfew was relaxed in other areas, Oyigbo and Ikokwu in Port Harcourt LGA were said to remain under lock which created fears among the residents and resulted to mass exodus from the town of Oyigbo.

Few hours after the directives by your excellency, Oyigbo was flooded with military men who immediately resumed with heavy shootings which resulted to loss of innocent lives.

Efforts by the King of Oyigbo and the LGA chairman to douse the tension and reduce fears among the citizens yielded no results as the shootings continued while military Helicopters hovered around the town on the first day.

More days have counted with shootings by the military not abating.

Residents are forced to remain indoors without food and no water to bath or cook with electricity cut off in most areas.

Following the sad development, more residents became eager to leave the town as a continuation of the mass exodus but the military presence and sporadic shootings would not let them.

Residents now wonder on the primary target of the curfew – if to kill or wipe out the residents of the town, fish out members of IPOB or as a mere punishment to the residents for not adhering strictly to the 24hrs curfew as said.

Except there is something sinister, subjecting innocent residents of the town to untold hardship with the current house arrest called curfew is inhuman.
“Innocent lives matters”

If what is going on is a war, innocent residents of the town should be evacuated by the government or simply allowed to relocate on their own.

Since issuing your press statement and drafting in of military to the town, Oyigbo has remained under siege with no movement.
If members of the Press were allowed to move around the town to investigate and publish their findings, it would be obvious and known to Nigerian masses and the world that many innocent lives have been lost in the past few days.

It is therefore very necessary that the government should do the needful in protecting the lives of innocent citizen of Nigeria resident in the town of Oyigbo.

Thank you.

Concerned resident of the town of Oyigbo, Rivers State, Nigeria.

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