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Arsenal five matches that may send the club back to their previous form


Dec 7, 2021 , ,
Arsenal vs Manchester United||Premier League-Saturday at Emirates stadium

It is noteworthy that Arsenal has escaped through the discouraging performances blatantly displayed at the outset of the season by an exhibition of the fabulous performance which has successfully led them to the top ten positions.

However, we are inwardly concerned following Arsenal’s loss against Everton in the 15th Premier League match of the season. Everton won Arsenal 2-1 in Goodison Park.

Consequently, We cordially want to reveal Arsenal’s next five matches which vividly display that Arsenal has an uphill task ahead. And if the needful is not done the team might function the way the operated in the incipient matches of the season.

Arsenal will face Southampton in the Emirate stadium in the 16 league match of the season. It is noteworthy that Asrsnal need to win to mitigate any subsequent pressure that could emerge if the lose consecutively. Southampton will surely try their possible best to defend and safeguard their team from transiting to the relegation Zone.

After Southampton’s Match Arsenal will clash West Ham United who defeated Liverpool and sent Chelsea out of the first Position. It will be a derby Match between the two party and Arsenal will have to work religiously if they really intend to extract three point from the London Club.

West Ham has been performing excellently since the commencement of this season and they currently occupied the 4th position in the league.

Arsenal will face Leed United and then play Norwich, the former is closed to the relegation zone and any slight mistake might send him down the table. The former holds the 20th position currently but the team will be desperate to move out of that position.

The fifth Club is Wolve Hampton Wanderers, indeed as their name implies, they are among the less competitive team that usually makes Competitive teams wonder due to unexpected defeat. Wolves are well known and they are always ready to challenge the opponent. Therefore, the London Club needs to summon some reasonable amount of effort to achieve a better result in their coming league matches.