• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

Arsenal vs Chelsea: Things you need to know about the clubs

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On Sunday, Arsenal versus Chelsea pre-season match slated for August 1st in new month recently as the friendly match will kick-off 1530 EST (3:30 pm local time).

Chelsea have come up the fixture list, there isn’t any Love Lost, And Arsenal hosting them at the Emirates just fuel to the fire.

They have been disruptions and less than favorable result for the overriding consensus on the team is getting fitter and stronger. Long may that continue on Sunday.

The transfer window as the remaining, Mikel Arteta, on the clock ticked down of the Premier League opening day.

These fixtures are a time where the players need to build up their fitness and avoid overexertion, as late injury scares just ahead of the Premier League campaign can be hugely damaging.

For that reason most of the squad get 45 minute outings here and there, which we hope can change on Sunday.

Arteta will want to appease the supporters and a strong side lining up from the off will not only provide him the best chance of victory but also give him an indication of how far the team have come during pre-season.

There will be wholesale changes throughout the match, of course, but being on home soil and wanting to get the home supporters up off their feet nice and early will be a vital element in the bid for a win.

Ideally, a near full strength outfit will get around 60 minutes before the changes creep in, that way seeing how the team can react as crucial stages of the match while equally protecting them.

Above all though, it’d be nice to win. Losing to Chelsea is never, ever anything other than excruciating even if there is mostly only pride riding on this one.

Meanwhile, the transfer window might open and latest window might close on August 31 on the Gunners side.

However, Chelsea is comfortable positions of being champions League winner as strong a multiple departments.

Arsenal versus Chelsea things you need to know about those clubs.

Arsenal are working hard to sell things with desire amount nowhere near being reached.

Chelsea will look like for the coming campaign at least in terms of size and approach.

Arsenal, can claw themselves with the club plans back into European contention.

The questions is, can both teams made a different at it’s stands now? Getting their fit set in the coming premier league. Although, Chelsea will be facing Villarreal on August 11th, with other matches slated in the new month.

Arsenal vs Chelsea will be a tougher match to watch, as all fans of both clubs set to watch the pre-season matches friendly live.

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