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As Donald Trump Succeeded or Failed So Far In Politics?

Donald Trump, an Economics graduate, is both the current and the 45th president of America. He is also the oldest first term federal chief executive of the same country.

In 1971, he inherited his father’s businesses and changed its name to ‘Trump Organisation’. And before his foray into politics, he has always been a successful business man who was worth some billions of dollars. Consequently he was and is still one of the richest people in the world.

As a new political bird by this time in 2016, his assailants, both from within and outside America, were of the reasoning that business and politics are two different walks of life. They argued that the fact he made it big with the business empire he inherited from his father did not imply that he would likewise succeed in politics. In addition, he was chided for not taking a shot at a lower post instead of the highly contested presidential seat. But this determined blunt man gave no hoot! Rather, he kept his hot pursuit of the most respected political post in the world going.

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In no time the keenly contested and anticipated election took place. Do I still need to say that God disposed the proposal of man by making the less favoured Donald Trump the eventual winner over the highly expected Hilary Clinton? Uh-uuh! Smiles.

And in swift responses, many of the disappointed tongues from most parts of the world began to wag. Among such personalities was Kim Jun Un, the North Korean dictator. He mocked that Americans have eventually used their own hands to choose who would destroy America.

This is four years down the lane. And Donald Trump is due to wrap-up his first tenure for the commencement of the second and the last one in less than three months’ time.

For him not to have been impeached for incompetence in the course of the four-year handling of the affairs of the biggest economy and the most powerful country in the world, would you opine that he has proved his doubters wrong by succeeding in politics or not?

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