‘Why Do You Build School In Benin, Asari Dokubi Blasts Kalabari’s son

Asari Dokubi Blasts Kalabari's son
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Asari Dokubo, the Former Niger-Delta Agitator, says construction of the trans-Kalabari road will not solve the development problems of the Kalabari ethnic group in Rivers State.

Dokubo made this known when he spoke on the construction of flyovers by the Rivers State government. He said the Calabar people should rather bring projects to their communities and stop depending on the government to develop their areas.

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Asari Dokubo

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Asari Dokubo, however, expressed disappointment that the only hospital in Buguma in Asari-Toru Local Government area embarked upon by the Rivers State government is still under renovation for more than five years.

However, a lot of people have criticized him for making the comment, others say it marks hypocrisy for Asari Dokubo to make such a statement.

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I think he’s wrong on this state, did the people of Abio-Akpor and Phalga use their money to construct the roads, universities, flyovers, and hospitals we see around. It’s a pity that Asari has forgotten the struggles he fought for. Kalabari’s are not second class Rivers men and soon it will be clearer.

Asari is wrong to have not shown a good example. He has his investments outside Kalabari and he is now criticizing others. Please show working and you will see others emulating you.

I’m disappointed with this statement coming from him. How does Asari expect a businessman to operate in an environment without basic amenities? For businesses to thrive in any environment there must be basic infrastructure. There’s no tribe in Nigeria that has more successful industrialists than Igbo tribe but because of lack of basic infrastructure in the southeast majority of the industries owned by the Igbos are outside the southeast.

Asari is still not aware that people are wiser now. What development and who are the people he is expecting to bring development to his area?

He made money from the agitation of his area not being developed then took the money to go and develop another man’s country and area by using the money to create jobs, infrastructures, and Education which I will refer to as a human capital development that is equally fundamental to his people and area (Community).

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