• Wed. May 18th, 2022

“bench these three Chelsea players, they have overworked- Report

Report: Thomas Tuchel wants Chelsea to sell Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner

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The Chelsea Football Club, have been so formidable ever since their tactical manager, Thomas Tuchel, took over from the club’s legend, Frank Lampard. One outstanding fact about the German manager is that, he has been able to rotate the team thereby giving almost every player a playing time and still get same outstanding result.

One advantage of this rotation by Tuchel is that it has made Chelsea team so competitive, as every player strives to prove himself at the slightest opportunity. This has somehow contributed to the success of Chelsea under Tuchel.

In every team some players bear more responsibilities than the other and this doesn’t mean that others aren’t important.

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The presence of these vital players help the team to achieve a better result. Under Tuchel and due to his tactics, some players have been overworked in Chelsea. They are;

Ben Chilwell And Recce James- To be sincere, Chelsea owe these two players some credit because most times I imagine how they manage to run from post to post and yet very tactically. The two have contributed immensely to Chelsea’s most goals and have scored a number of times. Their energy and pace is really outstanding. Tuchel has really overworked them because each of them play two roles at a time, as they operate in the wing backs and attack. No wonder their injury takes longer time to heal.

Antonio Rudiger- This German defender has been so outstanding for Chelsea under Tuchel. His ruthless tackles on his opponents have been a nightmare to them. This is one Chelsea player that has played almost all Chelsea’s matches apart from when he was injured.

No doubt, they’re fit could be detrimental and how best could they be managed playing for the club.