Calling on Access Bank, Halogen Security
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Sir: I was engaged as a security staff with Intercontinental Bank, not contract/outsourced staff before Access Bank acquired it in 2011.

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Subsequently, Access Bank pushed me and others who wanted to continue with them to their contractors to manage as a contract/outsourced staff.

I accepted an offer of employment from Halogen Security Company, which was the contractor Access Bank gave me to, despite not applying for a job in that company. I accepted it because I did not want to enter the unemployment market.

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In July 2019, after Access Bank merged with Diamond Bank, the branch where I worked at Water Resource in Warri was closed down.

Sadly, no information is given to me from either Access Bank or Halogen until when the July salary was paid and my salary did not come.

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I raised an alarm by calling and complaining to the security department at Access Bank head office only to be told to contact my contractor, Halogen. When I called Halogen, the response was that I should wait. I am still waiting!

It was by the Grace of God that I got Access Bank to pay me N40,185.43 out of July salary on July 24, 2019, after so many calls and text messages to both Access Bank and Halogen officials.

I have been expecting exit/disengagement allowance which National Union Of Banks Insurance And Financial Institution Employees (NUBIFIE), assured us through the union president would be paid.

The union was said to have reached an agreement with the bank to pay workers who had put in five years of service (Refer to The Nation newspaper of May 24, 2019.

I served for meritoriously for seven years manning various security posts for eight straight hours at mantra doors, car parks, and main gates with Access Bank without sitting down!

As I write this letter, I have received three messages from Access Bank reminding me of the N20,000 payday loan I collected in June.

The last message stated that my details have been sent to the Credit Bureau. Meanwhile, my leave allowance of April 2019 which was supposed to have been paid in December has still not been paid to date without explanation or reasons, while they supposed to pay me my leave and disengagement allowance immediately without remanding them.

Access Bank should pay me my exit/ disengagement allowance after seven years of meritorious service. I am anxiously waiting for my leave allowance and disengagement alerts so that I can pay Access Bank the payday loan I took.

Sardauna Idris,

Warri, Delta State.

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