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Chelsea Manager, Thomas Tuchel has admitted that he understands why his Chelsea side will come under criticism because of owner Roman Abramovich.

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With the Carabao Cup final coming up against Liverpool on Sunday afternoon, the Chelsea boss has revealed his players have been ‘worried and distracted’ after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Parliamentary privilege was used by Labour MP Chris Bryant to state that Abramovich should not be allowed to own Chelsea because of his alleged ties to Vladimir Putin.

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The Champions League winner has described the situation as ‘horrible’ and accepts there could be bad feeling towards Chelsea ahead of the Carabao Cup final with Liverpool at Wembley.

“We are aware of it and it’s distracting us, it’s worrying us,” said Tuchel.

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“To a certain degree I can understand it to such a degree the opinions and the critical opinions towards the club, towards us who represent that club. I can understand that and we cannot fully free ourselves from it.

“We should not pretend that this is not an issue. The situation in general, for me and for my staff and for everybody here at the training ground, for the players, is horrible.

“Nobody expected this. It’s pretty unreal, it’s clouding our minds, it’s clouding excitement towards the final and it brings huge uncertainty.

“Much more to all people and families who are actually in the moment more involved than us. And our best wishes and our regards and thoughts are obviously with them, which is absolutely most important.

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“Maybe people understand that me as a coach or the players, we don’t have the insight what is really going on.

“At the moment we don’t feel responsible for all this. We feel that it is horrible and there can be no doubt about it. War in Europe was unthinkable for me for a long period.

“The impact is clear and the discussions have an impact. Let’s be a bit more patient and understand what the measurements will be and then we have to maybe deal with it.”

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