Aso Rock is boiling, Osinbajo is ill, Nnamdi Kanu reveals

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, leader, has come out to tell his critics who are demanding that he should come to Nigeria if truly he is ready to seek or fight for the liberation of the Biafran ideology.

He has been hard to emulate the defeat of Nelson Mandela Madiba of Africa who fought for the liberation of the South African people in the past during the apartheid government that was imposed on the South African people.

Reacting to these outcry by some other ethnic group in Nigeria who sing as a threat to unity and peace of the nation called Nigeria.

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Mazi Nnamdi comes out to tell the world that his arrival into the country will lead to many deaths as he is a man of Peace who knows what to do at the right time and with the writing he has in place there is no need for me to come into the country for now because this may lead to the bloodshed which I have already promised that the actual will be achieved without any single gunshot.

My effort so far has properly put the zoo country to where it rightly belongs and the whole world is looking watching to see if truly the man in Aso Rock was the same person that was voted for in 2015.

I have provided enough evidence for them to see I’m up to use this moment none of my arguments and presentation has been counted from any source because I demanded the true Buhari is DNA to the carrier up to today nothing of such has happened I also demanded that the president who is impersonating delays Muhammadu Buhari should come out in the open for a press interaction question-and-answer session which every other head of states and Presidents are doing on a daily basis both in Africa and all other parts of the world.

Little did they know that we have all these information little did they know that IPOB is a well-organized body that has intelligent and fearless individuals who believe in truth and nothing but the truth so therefore we do not want to succumb to the request that I should come into Nigeria because of the life of every single Biafra value to me.

In order to avoid further killings, I have decided that I will dismantle the zoo country call Nigeria from my place here in Israel which is God’s own people, and the people after God’s heart and Biafra will be in the same category as Israel is well-regarded all over the world.

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