• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

CONFIRMED: 4 Chelsea Players Who Regret To Leave The Clubd

According to report, Four key players in the Blues whose contract was not approved regret to leave the club this new season next year.

Although, those players want their expired contract to be renewed this year before the end of this month, but, the Chelsea board yet to approved their contract to continue with the club.

1. Joe Cole

The playmaker deeply regrets moving to another team after he was not able to renew his contract at Chelsea. He said he should have taken the money that was given to him. With his dribbling skills and the ability to pass through opponents with ease, Joe was very entertaining to watch.

2. Ballack

It was during his time that Chelsea used to offer players over 30 years old a one year deal. Michael said he should have stayed at Chelsea and was wrong for leaving. He brought calm to the midfield during his time at the club and wished to retire at the London club.

3. Damien Duff

Duff said leaving Chelsea was the biggest regret of his career. He also made mention of the fact that he cried the day he left the club. The player was part of the team that won back-to-back premier league titles with Chelsea and was a regular starter, changing his club to another.

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4. Willian

The winger was left with regret after joining another club in the Premier League. Willian refuses to sign a new deal for a one-year extension. He was a hard-working player with exceptional talent and goal-scoring abilities that helped the club to lift different trophies.

Do you think with these players, Chelsea can still make a difference with their remaining matches?.