• Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

COVID-19: Former US President, Obama hits hard on African Presidents over failed use of the vaccine

'Why we love Trump, Obama contribute to the destroying of five African countries

Former United States(US) President, Barrack Obama, has hit hard on Africa leaders who refused to allow those infected with the virus to be treated with the available vaccine, which could be a better option for treatment to all Africans with the coronavirus.

In his quote, he said, “If peradventure your president fails is the same as your country as failed and it’s not patriotism.”

“Patriotism is supporting your leaders who have good intentions for you, but, not the one that refused to make used of the COVID-19 vaccine donated by Bill Gates.”

African leaders, especially Nigeria, should see it as an opportunity to end this deadly virus in their country compared to those countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, and others who refused to make uses of the vaccine.

Recently, The President of Kenya, John Pombe Mangufuli, said, “If China recovered in three months from the devastation of COVID-19 without a single vaccine, why do they want to force Africans to be vaccinated?


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