• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

COVID-19 handling in Nigeria is anti-christian, says, Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo Cautious Lagos State Govt, Over Continuous Shutdown of Worship Centers

The founder and president of Living Faith international aka winners chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, has come out with what he called and anti-christian method of handling the COVID-19 spread in Nigeria.

In a recent outburst Bishop David Oyedepo, one of the leading clerics in Nigeria with so much number of followers all over the world has come out to criticize what he called anti-Christianity method of handling the process of forming the core COVID-19 virus that has come into our country in an outrageous.

Responding to the five aggrieved clerics from the president said he has nothing against the leadership of the country but what he is against are the corrupt practices being put on palm Nigerian penises who are suffering he believe that do not deserve what they are getting from this current administration whom he described as a failure and the worst in the history of Nigeria.

I am one of those that started to lead prayers when I say prayers I mean national prayers for the country and fast in the late 70s I have also paid my dues to make sure that the leadership of this country is characterized with men that fear the living and true god.

“Let them stop deceiving the masses God in heaven is watching over all of us I believe that the wrath of God is so close to Nigeria leaders,” Oyedepo said.

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