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Daddy Freeze: “I can’t apologize to Bishop Oyedepo


Sep 13, 2020
Presidency blasts Bishop Oyedepo, order him to found own country if...

Daddy Freeze, real name Ifedayo Olarinde, has come online in a video to apologise to the Bishop Oyedepo over a video which he was seen using strong and offensive words against the bishop.

Presidency blasts Bishop Oyedepo, order him to found own country if...

According to him, the video which was made about two years and seven months ago resurfaced recently, and he has grown from what he used to be then into a more matured person since then.

In the video, the leader of the Free Nation in Christ, stated that his attention has been drawn to video which was made to address some pertinent issues that arose at that time, he apologized for the manner of the delivery of his message through the video and for any insult he must have made to the Bishop David Oyedepo.

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He stated that he never had any intention to dishonor or disrespect the person of bishop, his intention was to pass a message and not insult anyone. He stated that his method of approach has evolved into a more scriptural and less confrontational since then.

Daddy freeze also expressly stressed that he still very passionate in his quest to address what he believes are unresolved doctrinal issues, and that he firmly believes that for the christian faith to thrive, we have to be open to absorbing new theological and doctrinal frames of reference as against the ‘faith’ model built in unchallengeable beliefs.

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