“Exercise Your Freedom to Live Without Fear – President Joe Biden

Joe Biden, The United States of America President, has in a short moment ago taken to his Twitter handle to make a tweet about the subject matter of “Freedom to live”.

Irrespective of the nation in view, the Constitution of every country gives room for different kinds of freedoms amongst her citizens. One of those freedoms is freedom to live.

Meanwhile, even as Nigeria is presently experiencing insecurity challenge, the subject matter of Covid-19 is still an issue of concern to the Americans.

In order to address his subjects about the ongoing vaccination, Joe Biden urged his subjects to make good use of their freedom to live without allowing fear to grip them.

Conclusively, he encouraged them to get vaccinated.

“Exercise your freedom to live without fear. Get vaccinated.”

While reacting to the tweet, one Anika Stendland expressed that, Joe Biden should not tell them to get vacinnated because it is her body. Therefore, it is her choice to either get the vaccine or not.

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