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Fact Report: Lukaku vs Abraham, Why Chelsea were wrong to let Abraham leave


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One of the weaknesses that Chelsea’s team is having is the absence of a frequent goalscorer. It began when Lampard was still in charge of the team as even in that period, midfielders were the ones providing the team with goals, despite the presence of Abraham, who was the team’s striker.

The issue also made Thomas Tuchel bring in Romelu Lukaku after his first season with the Blues. Before doing that, the club had to let Abraham leave for AS Roma, as the striker seemed not to be in Tuchel’s plans.

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However, the performance of Lukaku and Abraham at the moment seems to show that Chelsea was wrong to let Abraham leave. Below are some stats.

1. Goals

First of all, Abraham is scoring more goals than Lukaku as according to the stats of both players, the AS Roma striker is having 10 league goals on the sheets while Lukaku has just 5. So when you look at this, you can agree that the Blues were wrong to let the striker leave.

2. Assists

Strikers are also required to create and give goal assistance in matches aside from scoring, and this is another area that Abraham is better than Lukaku. 6 assists have come from Abraham while none has come from Lukaku.

3. General performance

Abraham also gets involved in his team’s play more than Lukaku does at Chelsea. He also worries defenders more than Chelsea’s Lukaku appears to be doing. All these simply prove that Chelsea was wrong to allow the young striker to leave its team.

Source: google stats (Lukaku vs Abraham stats)