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Folashade Ojo’s actions portray negative impact on Tinubu’s presidential ambition


Jun 7, 2020
Folashade Ojo's actions portray negative impact on Tinubu's presidential ambition

Questions are being raised from all quarters in Lagos State why the daughter of a former governor of the state and a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress(APC), Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu shutdown the Ikeja computer village where most of the questions go to make their daily living from.

In a recent development for lunch, today, Tinubu Ojo has ordered the immediate closure of Ikeja computer village without the consent of the current governor and her demand was that the market should pay her 5 million naira on a daily basis as remittance for those who own shops in the premises.

Does this call for national consideration or it is just an act by the family of the former governor to witchhunt which the Igbos who are trading in the markets there.

this is a sign of disunity and tribalism in which a leader who is looking to become the president of Nigeria should not support in any way I believe that Nigerians are watching and we are eagerly waiting for that time when they will come looking for our votes during the political campaign in 2023.

This is why the Igbos are agitating seriously for freedom and emancipation of the via from dreams let us not forget that the Igbos are the integral business hub of the state Lagos State and Africa at large this cannot be overemphasized.

Should the Igbos unite I will locate from Lagos State what will be the face of their revenue generation as it is known that most properties and well-to-do businesses are owned by the Igbo people in Lagos State.

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