Forget Biafra: Here are 2 reasons why Biafra never be materialize

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The agitations for the secession of Igbo Nigerians from the country, can be traced back to 1967, when Lt. Colonel Ojukwu declared the Eastern Region, as an independent country, during the Military regime under Gen. Yakubu Gowon.

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Although, they failed to maintain their new state, by losing to the Nigerian side during the civil war which took place between 1967 and 1970. Nevertheless, the agitations persisted for the realization of the Biafran Republic.

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It’s worthy to be noted that the Igbos kept quiet during the first sixteen years of democratic rule in Nigeria. From 1999 till the end of Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, the agitations were quite insignificant, if there was any at all. Immediately the 2015 presidential elections declared Muhammad Buhari as winner, the agitations for Biafra became renewed. This time around, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu became the literal saviour that God sent to deliver them from Nigeria. Well that’s a story for another day.

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Despite the agitations, I took my time to write two cogent reasons why the Biafran Republic can never be materialized. They’re listed as follows;

1. Politicians Won’t Support Them.

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In case you don’t know, the 1999 constitution declared Nigeria as a federation with the whole 36 states. That is to say, Nigeria was established as a country in the legal documents of the nation. For Biafra to be possible, the National Assembly has to pass a vote of two-thirds of the entire house, supporting the motion.

Let me start from here, the Constitution has to be amended first. In the amendments, it will be stated that Biafra is no longer part of Nigeria. But the reality is that no legislators will sponsor such amendments. Even, the Senators and Honourables from the East won’t support it. Therefore, this is the strongest reason why Biafra can never materialize.

2. Igbos In The South-west Don’t Support Biafra

If you ask the average Igbo man living in the South-west if he’s ready to go back to the East, once Biafra get pronounced as an independent country, the common response is “no.”

You see how it works? Even, if they’re to pass a bill based on the number of votes from Igbos, a large percentage of Igbos in the west will vote against it. That’s another reason why Biafra can never be possible.

While some people keep agitating in the East, some are praying against it, in the South-west. It’s no their fault anyway. You can’t expect someone who have invested much of their lives and resources in another man’s land to leave just because some other people want to leave. It’s not just possible. If you think I’m lying, you can your people in Lagos and ask them the same question. You’ll be shocked!

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