• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Forget Hushpuppi, Another Nigerian arrested in Dubai over online scam

A Leaked Video Showing How Hushpuppi Was Arrested

The 22 years old Nigerian was picked up after a victim he and his accomplices lured to an apartment through a dating application and stole his money reported to the police.

He faces trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance for locking the victim inside an apartment, theft, and using his credit card without authorisation

The victim, a Turkish National told police,

“I was assaulted by the suspects and they withdraw Dh30,000($8,167) from bank account using my bank card and details. They were three men and a woman”.

Dubai authorities are yet to release details of the “new Hushpuppi” but say he will remain in jail pending his trial which begins on July 16th.

Nigerians were piqued by a recent decision of a Dubai firm to bare Nigerians from applying for jobs in its company over alleged criminal activities; but this case may just justify their decision.

Are most Nigerians criminals or a few bad eggs just paint the country in bad light.

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