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According to report, Arsen Zacharyan planning to exit his club, as he target top clubs like Chelsea or Manchester City to joined, just as a sport analyst seeing Arsen Zacharyan as better signing for Chelsea after he told the Blues he is keen on a move.

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No doubt, Zakharyan is seeing as one of the brightest prospects in the world of football and Chelsea will be willing to pay his €15m (£12.6m) before his deal collapse due to FIFA and UEFA restrictions on signing Russian players.

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However, Chelsea are still keeping a close eye on the talented young man and he has recently come out and stated his desire to join the Blues – announcing:

My agents and my club have told me that a request has come from Chelsea. I have directly said my position is that I want to join Chelsea,’ Zakharyan told Russia’s Comment Show.

‘I know that there is a good competition in my position with Mount, Havertz, Gallagher, so I don’t mind going on loan to adapt to the European league.

‘I was stressed because I wanted this transfer.

‘Right now I have Chelsea and I want to go to Chelsea. I know that other clubs are interested in me, I am proud of that but I want to go to Chelsea.’

‘If it was not for that FIFA ban – Chelsea would have Zacharyan in the side already.

‘they are impressed by his ability and believe that they can turn him into that next big thing – especially now that Graham Potter is in charge of the club.

‘For the right money – he would be a very good signing for the club – but it will be a tough task to actually get a deal done with all the Issues in the world right now.

‘But he is a talent and would be a great buy.’

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