Graham Potter sees reasons why he needs to change formation to put an end to Chelsea's poor performances
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No doubt, Chelsea manager Graham Potter has identified the issues, stating that “long-term doesn’t exist in this job” and that he needs time to put things right in order for Chelsea to snap out of their frustrating run of form.

Graham Potter sees reasons why he needs to change formation to put an end to Chelsea's poor performances

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Chelsea fans have called for Potter to be fired immediately. However, this comes at a bad time for the big-spending Blues, who have now drawn three straight Premier League games for the first time since 2012.

Chelsea have only won one of their eight games this season across all competitions, including the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, which they see as their only chance to win a trophy this season.

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Despite the fact that Chelsea travel to Borussia Dortmund for the first leg of an intriguing last-16 tie, Potter recognizes the need for things to change at Stamford Bridge.

“You can’t talk about the long term in this job because it doesn’t exist,” he told reporters.

“You have to acknowledge there’s a long-term but there’s a short-term and medium-term that is challenging for us in terms of results.

“The veteran players understand what we’ve been through. You’re talking about some top football professionals.

“While people on the outside may have an opinion on things, these guys have been around and know the challenges we’ve faced.

“They are aware of the club’s situation and what has occurred. So it’s about assisting them in getting through the inevitable frustration of wanting to win. We all do, as do the supporters. That’s been the most difficult part.”

Chelsea’s Champions League triumphs came during seasons in which they struggled in the Premier League, and while Potter is excited about the start of the knockout stages, he is taking things one game at a time.

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Despite calls from Chelsea fans to fire him, Graham Potter sees progress following a 1-1 draw

“Anything can happen in a knockout competition,” he explained. “There are two games. I don’t believe it is worthwhile for us to look beyond Dortmund.

“What it takes to beat Dortmund, though they are capable of doing so as well. That is what we must do: go to Dortmund with humility and try to get a result.

“This team won the Champions League. They’ve been through it. They’ll want to compete for the game, for sure, and that excites us.”

Whatever Chelsea is going through, Graham Potter has been unbeatable in his five Champions League games and is hoping to win against Dortmund after they have won their last four.

If Chelsea defeats Dortmund on Wednesday, Potter will become the first English coach to win five consecutive UEFA Champions League matches.

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