• Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Happy Eid El Kabir Messages, Wishes and Prayers to Family, Friends, Boss, Customers, and Loved Ones

Happy Eid El Kabir Message: Today marks a great feast in the life of all Muslim faithful brothers and sisters acrossss the world as they celebrate Eid El Kabir.

It is necessary to send Happy Eid Kabir messages to Family, Friends, Boss Couples, Colleague, Schoolmate, Acquaintances, Workmates, Staffs, and even Customers as you wish them happy Eid El Kabir.

Here we have samples of collections of happy Eid Kabir messages greetings, wishes, and prayers to send to family, boss, friends, couples, customers, staffs, workmates, just to measure of few.

Dear customer, we send you our warmest wishes this Eid El Kabir. We pray it brings you peace, love, joy, and happiness. Happy Eid El Kabir.

May Almighty abide, provide, and grants all your wishes as you mark this faithful feast. Happy Eid El Kabir.

May Almighty Allah make us witness next more of it in life, with peace, joy, success, wealth, long life and prosperity in good health. Happy Eid El Kabir.

As we mark this year salary made the journey spirit of sacrifice grant all our wishes blessed us and favour us as we celebrate Eid El Kabir. Happy Eid El Kabir.

I wish all Muslim faithful members Barka De Sallah and Happy Eid El Kabir as you mark this day with joy, peace, love and unity. Happy Eid El Kabir.

May the Almighty accept and grant all your wishes.(Amin). Happy Eid El Kabir.

May the blessing of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always. Amin. Happy Eid El Kabir.

  • E- Embraced with open heart.
  • I- inspire with impressive attitude.
  • D- distributes pleasure to all. Happy Eid El Kabir.

My heart rejoice with all Muslim faithful especially you that the Almighty Allah has blessed to witness these days. Happy Eid El Kabir.

I wish you a blessed day Eid El Kabir . May Allah shower his blessings and mercy upon you and your household.

As you celebrate today may all what you deserved and be expecting they granted by Almighty Allah. (Amin). Happy Eid El Kabir.

You have more of these to celebrate even now and forever. May the good Allah bless you and your entire family. (Amin). Happy Eid El Kabir.

As you mark this day of Eid El Kabir. the purpose of today’s celebration will never cease in your life and your entire family. (Amin). Happy Eid El Kabir.

You deserve promotion will be granted unto you by Almighty Allah as you celebrate this Eid El Kabir in good faith. (Amin). Happy Eid El Kabir.

Expect the best of its harvest this season of Eid El Kabir, as the Almighty Allah has prepared a package for you. Happy Eid El Kabir.

More wisdom, gifts, blessing and peace be restore unto you. Maybe good Almighty Allah Grant you more knowledge and success in your academic career. Happy Eid El Kabir.

Get prepared for the best as Allah has mark today for your great wealth, peace, love, and kindness in your entire family. Happy Eid El Kabir.

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