Happy New Month Prayers for Boss or Ma

Happy New Month Prayers, Wishes, Messages to Madam, Sir
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Happy New Month Prayers: It is very necessary as human being to wish or appreciate God with thanksgivings alongside with prayers for the gift of life for yourself, Boss, and our love one across the world happy new month.

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Just as we celebrate the 12th month of 2021, December the ember months of the year. Let’s send text or amazing messages or wishes to our boss, love ones, and family across the world, Happy New Month.

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With November the end of the month in a year, let’s appreciate God Almighty for sparing us to see this month as we approach 2022.

get this amazing collections of wishes of message of happy new month that you can send to your boss(Madam or sir) in the office or working place a happy new month messages with prayers as we usher to the new month.

Here are the happy new month prayers or messages or wishes you can send to your Boss, Madam, family, colleagues, friends, and others below;

1 . May my whole life be an expression of God’s grace and glory in this new month of November and may I be called blessed always. May God’s favour, grace and goodness follow me today and all the days of my life in this month. Happy New Month to a new me and may God’s plan be fufiled in my life.

2. In this new month of November, God’s grace, upliftment, favour, peace, goodness and mercy will follow me and be with me all the days of my life. As far as the sun raises and, my heart, my mind, my body, my life and my world will be filled with God’s fullness of joy. Happy New Month to a brand new me.

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3. From the beginning of this month of November to the end of the month and beyond, God’s presence and glory will abide with me forever. I will continue to live a life full of thanksgiving and praises and I will bless and magnify the Lord for sustaining and blessing me every single day. Happy New Month to an uplifted me.

4. I pray that in this new month of November, God in his infinite mercy will fill my heart with joy and my life embrace His peace and love all the days of my life in this new month and beyond, and may God grant the prayers and requests of my heart today and all through the month. Happy New Month to an excited and excellent me.

5. May God grant me protection and safety from any harm and danger that will occur in this new month of November, may He strengthen me in my time of weakness and trial, may He favour and bless me in all that I lay my hands on today and throughout this month of November and beyond. Happy New Month!

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