• Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

Hazard’s return and deployment to the attacking midfield

Eden Hazard to Chelsea transfer: Chelsea review 'truth' about return, Liverpool bid yet to approved

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The January transfer window is drawing nearer and many clubs are making arrangements on the players that will be recruited or the ones that will be shipped out.

It is widely known that Chelsea’s ex talisman, Eden Hazard might be returning back to the Stamford Bridge if the negotiations between Chelsea and Real Madrid yield a positive result.

There is no doubt that one might conclude that Tuchel might likely deploy Hazard on the wing-forward position if he (Hazard) returns to the Stamford Bridge.

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However, Chelsea’s manager, Thomas Tuchel should try to deploy Hazard to this position:

Tuchel should consider deploying Hazard to the attacking midfield role: Chelsea football club’s head coach, Thomas Tuchel should try to consider deploying Hazard to the attacking midfielder role, so that Hazard on his (Hazard’s) return can operate behind any of these Chelsea’s strikers ( Lukaku or Werner).

Because, Chelsea’s squad really needs to be scoring more goals in each match. So that Chelsea might stand a chance of competing with Manchester City and Liverpool for the premier league trophy.

Hazard is a player that can perform wonders with his skills to create chances for Chelsea’s strikers to score as many goals as possible in each match.

Deploying Hazard to the wing-forward position will definitely not augur well for Chelsea’s squad because Hazard has aged and his (Hazard’s) strength has reduced too.