"He Can't Get Me Pregnant"- Wife Claims Spouse Is Infertile As She Has Children Outside Of Marriage
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A woman revealed that her husband is not the biological father of all of their children. The lady stated in a social media statement that her spouse told her he had gotten another woman pregnant. The woman, on the other hand, claimed she knew it was medically impossible because her spouse is impotent.

"He Can't Get Me Pregnant"- Wife Claims Spouse Is Infertile As She Has Children Outside Of Marriage

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After marriage, a Nigerian woman realized that her husband cannot make a woman pregnant. Rather than yelling and making a scene over the issue, she chose to remain calm and married to the man.

How a woman became pregnant while still married to another man

In a social media message, the woman stated that her husband is ignorant that all of their children are not biologically his.

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She claimed her husband returned one day and informed her he had gotten another lady pregnant and asked for her forgiveness.

She stated that the woman who became pregnant for her husband wishes to be settled and sent abroad to keep the pregnancy a secret.

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Husband is unable to have children.
The woman expressed surprise because she is aware that her spouse is unable to conceive any woman.

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In the leaked message, she wrote:

“I don’t know how to tell my husband that the woman is a serial liar.” I’m so sure because I know my hubby is medically infertile. However, I’m afraid I’ll lose my marriage if he discovers that the children at home are not his.”

Princess Chelsea’s leaked Facebook remark sparked a wide range of opinions.

Reactions as a lady becomes pregnant several times outside of her marriage
Okafor, UcdeProf, stated:

“I don’t see any problem here.” The wife should forgive him and request that he bring the money. Then act as though nothing has happened. Let her talk if she wants to get herself into trouble on her own.”
Osato Ehimwenma added:

“Wonderful family.”

After filing for divorce, the wife becomes pregnant.

It was revealed in a related story that a man got his wife pregnant after they filed for divorce.

It was discovered that the man continued to visit his estranged wife after she had moved out.

The wife has subsequently given birth, and their marriage has lasted.


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