Opinion: Conte In Potter Out, Boehly's Candidates List and Mourinho's Dream
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Why should Graham Potter be sacked, according to the latest Chelsea news? Graham Potter’s latest sacking news is now available, with Chelsea explaining why Potter has yet to be fired as the Blues’ coach.

"He is under pressure," Chelsea says of the club's decision to fire Graham Potter following the latest Spurs defeats

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Despite the fact that Chelsea manager Graham Potter is under pressure due to his teams’ poor performance, they were unable to defeat Tottenham at home.

Chelsea legend Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink insisted that Graham Potter is under a lot of pressure at the club following the Blues’ 2-0 Premier League derby defeat to Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

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Hasselbaink stated this while discussing the possibility of Chelsea firing Potter following the latest defeat to Tottenham.

That’s a really difficult question. “I don’t know,” Hasselbaink said on Sky Sports when asked if Potter could be fired.

“When you’re at a big club like Chelsea and you lose two games in a row, that’s already considered a crisis. Now that these new owners have arrived, they want to take a different path and complete this project.

Former Chelsea legend “Good Subjection” advises owner Todd Boehly to replace Graham Potter with Zidane

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They’ve bought Potter in, and he’s their man, so they’ll give him as much time as they can. But you should also expect something from Potter.

“And if he doesn’t do that then eventually that . I’m not sure when that will be, but Potter is under pressure, and that’s what happens at big clubs,” he explained.

Do you think Graham Potter should be fired after Tottenham’s 2-0 win over Chelsea yesterday?

However, Zinadene Zidane is the best replacement for Graham Potter. What are your thoughts?

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