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Former Premier League goalkeeper Brad Friedel has told Christian Pulisic and Matt Turner of the United States that they are “too good for the bench” at Chelsea and Arsenal.

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Christian Pulisic, without a doubt, has only started three Premier League games for Chelsea this season and has largely disappointed since joining from Borussia Dortmund for £58 million in 2019.

Hakim Ziyech will be leaving Stamford Bridge, which is why

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If Chelsea don’t pick Christian Pulisic, I think he should go somewhere else because he’s good enough to play somewhere,” Friedel said to Online Casino.

“I believe Matt Turner should not be on Arsenal’s bench, although I’m not suggesting Mikel Arteta start him ahead of Aaron Ramsdale, who has started well.”

“I’m just saying he’s too good not to play football, so he should look for another club.”

“Matt Turner has impressed me.” I expected him to be nervous in his first World Cup game, but he was superb against England and unflappable on Tuesday.

“I believe clubs have been taking the MLS standard more seriously for a while now.” Turner should have moved to a club where he could be number one because he is good enough to be number one at a top club.

“If he doesn’t get his chance at Arsenal, who are top of the table thanks to Aaron Ramsdale’s performance, he should go somewhere else to be number one.”

“He’s good enough to start at a Premier League club.”

“Christian Pulisic is laying claim to being the best US player of all time,” Friedel added.

“Those two were at the top for a long time.” Just because you have a big price tag doesn’t mean you’ve accomplished what those guys have yet, so he has a long way to go.

“But he’s making a claim.” He needs to keep scoring goals at the international level, and then we’ll see what happens at the end of his career.

“It’s like debating Messi and Ronaldo when you’re debating Donovan and Dempsey, they’re different players.” Claudio Reyna was always a mystery to me.

That would be my top three right now, but Weston McKennie could be in the conversation one day if he continues to impress.”

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