“History will be kind to Trump for what he did to Nigeria” – Babajide

The American election is keenly watched across the world because the president of America is synonymous to the president of the world.

See What Trump says over two police officers shot in Louisville, Kentucky

Even though Buhari has congratulated Biden, there are some words that allegedly accuse some people in the Buhari government that they are not happy that Joe Biden won.

Babajide Kolade-Otitoju has reveal that history will be kind to Donald Trump for what he did for Nigeria.

According to Babajide, Donald Trump is the America president that supports Nigeria by providing us with some war equipment that will help us defeat Boko Haram.

In his words today on the program Journalist Hangout, he maintained that if there was no coronavirus, the war jets that America wants to sell to Nigeria would have arrived.

Babajide praised Donald Trump for what he did for Nigeria and blamed Obama heavily. According to the analysis by the ace journalist, Trump did more for Nigeria than Obama who is a black man.

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