How to watch UEFA Champions League Schedule Draws, Group Stages, Kick-off Time, and Fixture Dates

UEFA Champions, Europa League resume action on August 6th and 8th
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Welcome to how to watch the UEFA Champions League group stages draws, Kick-off time, and Venue, as we give you ways to watch live the UEFA Champions League draws stages for clubs in a group stages for all the European clubs in this season.

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No doubt, The final qualifying round is taking place this week and next as six final group stage spots will be decided. Which the reigning champions, Real Madrid will be choose alongside with other top qualify clubs such as Liverpool, while Manchester City, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and other massive clubs hope to finish the season at the summit of European soccer.

Here are what you need to know about the UEFA Champions League:

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How to watch the UEFA Champions League group stages draws

To watch the UCL final draws for group stages, you can sign up now on FuboTV (on a free trial for 7 days). And you can also subscribe with this free access sports link TV channels, live also in Europa League match, the NFL on CBS, and countless movies and shows with FuboTV. You can watch it for free once you subscribe.

When is the UEFA Champions League group stage draw begins?

UEFA Champions League group stages draws begins August 25 at 12 p.m. ET from Istanbul, Turkey.

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Qualified teams

Real Madrid
Eintracht Frankfurt
Manchester City
AC Milan
Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid
RB Leipzig
Borussia Dortmund
Red Bull Salzburg
Shakhtar Donest
Inter Milan
Sporting Lisbon
Club Brugge

How the UEFA Champions League, Europa League draw works?

The teams will be split into four pots, with Pot 1 containing the UEFA Champions League, UCL, Real Madrid, the winner of the Europa League winners, Eintracht Frankfurt, and the UEFA champions of the six highest-ranked clubs who did not qualify via one of the 2021-22 titles. The remaining pots are determined by club coefficient rankings.

Matchday: Group stages

Matchday 1: Sept. 6-7
Matchday 2: Sept. 13-14
Matchday 3: Oct. 4-5
Matchday 4: Oct. 11-12
Matchday 5: Oct. 25-26
Matchday 6: Nov. 1-2

Knockout stage schedule
Round of 16

First legs

Feb. 14-15, Feb. 21-22

Second legs

March 7-8, March 14-15


First legs

April 11-12

Second legs

April 18-19


First legs

May 9-10

Second legs

May 16-17

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