• Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

How to Watch Women’s Soccer Matches in Tokyo Olympic 2020 Games Live Stream

Live broadcast and coverage for all the Tokyo Olympic 2020 game for all women soccer matches in events and other games like gymnastic, basketball, volleyball, softball, Fencing, swimming and others will be telecast live as the women’s games events is concern in the Tokyo Olympic 2020 events.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 one game is set to take the TV channels sports across the wall started from June 23, to August 8 and all the women football games will be telling live alongside with other events such as; women basketball, women football, women volleyball, women gymnastic, women’s swimming and many more.

The Tokyo Olympic 2020 women football it is the first of its kind to be used in opening the Tokyo Olympic ceremony on July 21 tovthe ended of the events.

Women teams like the U.S., Germany, Sweden, Canada, Great British, Australia, and others are fully set in the Tokyo Olympic games 2020.

In 2016, Germany won gold medal but they didn’t qualify for 2020 Tokyo Olympic football.

The matchup are broken into groups such groups from E to G.

  • In Group E, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, and Chile.
  • In Group F: China, Brazil, Zambia, and the Netherlands.
  • In Group G: USA, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand.

To take full coverage of matches in the ongoing Tokyo Olympic 2021 one game of the women’s football full live coverage and broadcast.

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Women’s football Games Date, Time and Venue

July 21
Great Britain v Chile (Sapporo) — 3:30am ET
China v Brazil (Miyagi) — 4am ET
Sweden v USWNT (Tokyo) — 4:30am ET
Japan v Canada (Sapporo) — 6:30am ET
Zambia v Netherlands (Miyagi) — 7am ET
Australia v New Zealand (Tokyo) — 7:30am ET

July 24
Chile v Canada (Sapporo) — 3:30am ET
China v Zambia (Miyagi) — 4am ET
Sweden v Australia (Tokyo) — 4:30am ET
Japan v Great Britain (Sapporo) — 6:30am ET
Netherlands v Brazil (Miyagi) — 7am ET
New Zealand v USWNT (Tokyo) — 7:30am ET

July 27
USWNT v Australia (Kashima) — 4am ET
New Zealand v Sweden (Miyagi) — 4am ET
Canada v Great Britain (Kashima) — 7am ET
Chile v Japan (Miyagi) — 7am ET
Netherlands v China (Yokohama) — 7:30am ET
Brazil v Zambia (Saitama) — 7:30am ET

How to Watch the Tokyo Olympics Women’s Soccer in the United States

for United States soccer fans especially in the outgoing women football Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 one can be watched live another human events on the following live stream/TV channels such as;

NBCSN, SlingTV FuboTV, FuboTV, YouTube TV sports, Peacock, NBC sports, Hulu, and many more.


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