• Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Hushpuppi with a strong message to Nigerian Youths over cybercrime

Hushpuppi with a strong message to Nigerian Youths over cybercrime

Recently, I published an article on the popular flamboyant and notorious suspected international internet fraudster who goes by the name Raymond Igbalodedly, aka Hushpuppi and many readers have expressed their concerns and opinions regarding how the renowned suspected internet fraudster managed to own a fair legal stand, by owning two real estate companies and a top-class automobile enterprise in Nigeria.

In this article, I am delighted to inform you how hushpuppy may have contributed significantly in the light of Educating the Nigerian youths on high moral standards.

Yes, it is undeniable that the said social media Icon was arrested by high-level security operatives in Dubai, and everyone has been anxiously waiting to get real-time updates regarding his case. Many have openly bashed him on social media while others await a convincing report that either indict him of these crimes or exonerates him both in the watchful eyes of both local and international law agencies and the general public.

The fact remains that whether he is guilty or not of these allegations against him, everyone needs to keep calm and allow the law enforcement agencies decide his Faith through thorough investigation and coming out openly with concrete evidence against him, but until then we can only take this as a moral lesson and learn from his immoral wrongdoings.

Regardless of his present predicament, hushpuppy has sent an important message to the general public and most especially the youths, on what must be done to create a balance in other to not fall prey by the hands of the Law and what are these messages?

(1). Living flamboyantly and extravagantly without a known credible source of income.

(2). Unnecessary exposure of self-worth on social media without the aim of properly guiding the youths morally and intellectually on his source of wealth to enable others to build themselves.

(3). Improper exchange of words with top celebrities and the use of abusive languages aimed at destabilizing many thriving youths.

(4). Extreme feeling of comfort and security outside the shores of his homeland (Nigeria) without a credible known source of income.

(5). He has also taught us to understand how quickly human beings change to turn against us the instant trouble surfaces (His Girlfriend For Example).

(6). Avoid unnecessary purchases of extremely expensive properties if your source of income is questionable by Law.

(7). Lastly and most importantly, respect the law and avoid crime.

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