• Thu. Dec 8th, 2022

I Regret The Support I Gave To APC, Mbaka Cries Out

I Regret The Support I Gave To APC, Mbaka Cries Out

The spiritual founder of the Adoration Ministry in Enugu state Reverend Father, Ejike Mbaka has come out in public to make another controversial statement based on his support for the ruling party all progressive congress.

In a recent interview conducted online one of his price and media publication members, he stated in clear terms that he is no longer interested in the way and manner the APC government is handling this current palliative help given to the citizens of Nigeria.

We are living in a country where one part of it has been recognized as the only ones to benefit from Federal Government undertake measures which were supposed to be for all citizens across The Nation at this point in time we only noticed that only people from the North are benefiting while others who make up the economy with the real natural resources God has given to them which is the main brain behind Nigerians existence and recognition in the international world.

How can a party be so cruel to the cry of the masses there is a pang of hunger everywhere I know what it takes to go hungry because I am used to fasting and praying but you cannot subject a man too fast when there is nothing for him to break the fast with.

I am there for publicly telling the whole world that I am no longer in support of this ruling group of individuals whom I can now see that they only have nothing to offer the masses as they promised.

Let’s the President Muhammadu Buhari come out in the open to talk to his citizens as it has been alleged that he is no longer alive even though I did not agree to that story but from the ongoing situation in the country there is need for him to clear himself for us to have confidence in Aso Rock Villa he concludes.

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