“I won’t give up, I’m still focused,” says Chelsea manager Graham Potter, who refuses to accept excuses and is confident of success

Graham Potter sees reasons why he needs to change formation to put an end to Chelsea's poor performances
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Chelsea manager Graham Potter has shown some fighting spirit and passion this week, which has been refreshing.

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Potter is always the quiet one. Everyone, including Potter, can, of course, become emotional, passionate, and angry.

On social media last week, some Chelsea fans questioned his demeanor on the sidelines. But, after a string of poor Chelsea performances and results dating back well before the World Cup break, I believe there has been a lot of grasping at straws.

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Potter, on the other hand, isn’t looking for any excuses, and the embargoed section of his most recent press conference contains some very interesting words from Potter.

He says he is more confident of succeeding at Chelsea as he gets his feet under the table and settles in.

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Potter, as reported by The Telegraph, says:

“It’s not like I jumped at the chance to leave Brighton. I had other options, but this one felt right because of the owners and the support they would provide, and that has proven to be true. They have been outstanding.

“I think they’re completely in line with where we’re at and what we want to do. I’m more confident now than I was when I started the job because I understand the challenges.

But I’ve been here four months. If people are going to judge me on those terms and in that time frame, given how many games and challenges we’ve faced, that’s fine.

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I can give you a counter argument in terms of my career and in terms of what I’ve achieved and the people in the game who would consider my quality. All I know is that I have the full support of the guys up above, as well as the players and staff.

Of course, I’m not sitting here as some egomaniac with all the answers and gets everything right. We’ve had a massive transition, and injuries make it difficult to be stable, but it’s kind of blah, blah, blah, isn’t it? People want to see results, and they want Graham to shut up. What are you on about? ‘We have to win.'”

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