Igbos living in Lagos, Ogun State, And Southwest Should Take Note Of This Important Information

It’s no news that there have been threats from the young yoruba for freedom ( YYF) to the igbos living in the south west to vacate that part of the country and go back to their various states of origin in the south eastern region,

that after 26 october that any remnant of the igbo tribe left in the south western geo political zone will bear the brunt of the young yoruba youths. Meanwhile some of the igbos living in these places have been in deep depression thinking of what to do to break free from the threats and blames on the mayhem happening in the south western region.

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But this morning during the early morning national broadcast by the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari, he stated clearly that every Nigerian have the exclusive rights to live and work in any state of the country and to that regards, that no Nigerian have the right to tell any particular tribe to leave their state and go back to their own region.

He also promised Nigerians that he will continue to put measures in place to solidify the nation’s unity and build better inter- state relationship to maintain and keep the hopes of Nigerians in our national anthem of building a nation where bound with freedom, peace and unity.

President Buhari also condemned hate messages and quit notices to ethnic and religious groups asking Nigerians to take pride in the fact that our diverse people have been living with one another in harmony for ages. This was made known by the media aid of the president mallam Garba shehu.

However, it will be beneficial for the YYF to embrace things that will foster national peace and unity and desist from actions that causes mayhem.

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