‘I’ll build Biafra for 75 years without resting- Nnamdi Kanu vows

IPOB's leader blasts Minister over bandits, amnesty statements
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Build Biafra- Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of Indigenous People of Biafra has stated that Biafra land will be built for 75years both Morning and Night.

Kanu said that Biafrans will be busy working day in, day out, and will not have time to think about crime.

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“We are going to build BIAFRA for a good 75 years both morning and night.

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'I'll build Biafra for 75 years

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“We are going to build very tall buildings in order to save our land for agricultural purposes and not using bungalows to saturate everywhere.

“In BIAFRA, we will build everything underground.

“We will pipe water underground for all families in BIAFRA.

“We will pipe gas to every home in BIAFRA that there won’t be a need for using firewood or stove.

“We will build a modern railways.

BIAFRA will be what no black man has ever thought of.

“Everything we use must be made in BIAFRA.

“Our car, Our electrical appliances

“Every graduate in engineering courses will be working every day to develop technologies!

“BIAFRAN will be so busy with work that nobody will have time to think of crime for a good 75 years!.”

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