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I’m not from the ghetto, but, I run the ghetto – Davido

Popular American-Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer, David Adedeji Adeleke, better known as Davido, has sparked some controversy with his statements in a recent interview.

The ‘FEM’ crooner appeared in an interview with Mansour Bello and D Boy Dayo of The Beat London 103.6 FM, and dropped a bomb when he claimed that he’s not from the ghetto but he runs it.

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Mansour : Is there a date for the release of your album (A Better Time) or are you still mixing and adding to it?

Davido : With me I would never drop a single (from the album) if I haven’t submitted my album. It was supposed to drop by July but with the Corona I just wanted to take it a little back. Everything seems to be settling now so expect it in a couple weeks.

Mansour : Why was ‘FEM’ the single you decided to pick fron the album to drop?

Davido : It got to a point where I’m just like ‘I’m living my life I never bothered nobody’. Even in the Nigerian industry they know I have limited friends, I don’t go anywhere. People say Davido rolls with a lot of people but I’d rather go to an empty club with my people and pack the club cos any little thing they say ‘Davido has done this, Davido has done that’.

“I came into the game fighting to be respected because of my Daddy has money but that’s not my fault. It just got to a point where I was like ‘Bro I’ve done it all, what are y’all talking about?’ I’ve broken records that nobody else has, what are you all talking about?

“The video was me landing from L.A (Los Angeles, USA), riding round the city cos let me tell you, anybody’s hood, they know, I’m not from the ghetto but I run your ghetto, they know!”

D Boy Dayo jokingly said : “Davido you be Island boy o you no dey run mainland o”

Davido replied : “Me? Call any artiste for this Nigeria make we go mainland. Any artiste of your choice”.

They all laughed at this point.

Davido rounded up the interview by thanking the guys and fans for their support, stating that he really would want people to enjoy the album. “I feel like it’s the best I ever did”

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