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Imam Of Peace Warns Americans Against Voting For Who Islamist Extremists Are Supporting

Popular imam and Muslim influencer known as Iman Of Peace has taken to his twitter account to give Americans a weird warning over who to vote and who not to vote.

As the date of the US elections draws very closer, everyone has been eager to see the outcome of who gets to become President Of The United States.

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump are the major candidates of this US election. Meanwhile, Imam of Peace has sent out a warning to Americans not to vote for anybody that the Islamist extremists are supporting it.

Watch how Trump different ways to strengthening the American economy for the first debate against Biden

According to his post below, he said that if he was an American in this election, he would see who the Islamist extremists are supporting and he would go and vote for the opposite candidate, ignoring the candidate that these extremists are supporting.

He added that he can live in a booming economy but can’t live with a “BOOM” every day.

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