• Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Jafar Umaru blasts Nigeria over debts that can’t pay for 100 years

Jafar Umaru blasts Nigeria over debts that can't pay for 100 years

An Islamic Scholar, Jafar Umaru, Indonesian politics, “It is no longer news that Nigeria is indebted to so many countries including China Russia Germany IMF agricultural development Bank and other borrowing institutions from across the globe.”

The question now is how can Nigeria pay back the loans it has collected in the past five years during this administration led by the APC which president Muhammadu Buhari is helms of affairs in the country.

What is the Hope of the upcoming generation even the younger generation who are coming behind should there be any reason for a younger person to take over the saddle of our country we will see that Nigeria has actually collapsed and has no base for economic growth.

A country that imports everything from another country is a country that is heading towards Doom we cannot allow all these to continue because the money that has been borrowed is not being channeled to the proper areas of immediate concern and development they are only interested in their pocket and stomach they are never satisfied they keep looting the Treasury even till this time.

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