Joe Biden’s victory is lie of the year- Donald Trump blows hot

The President-elect, Joe Biden has faced his first major Challenge as Iran has announced its rejection of terms for the reviving of the Nuclear Deal rejected by President Donald Trump.

Iran had announced that it will not accept preconditions from the new President-elect’s administration over its nuclear Program except the US returns to its 2015 deal with former President Obama’s administration which was torn apart by President Trump’s administration in 2018.

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In 2018 when President Trump scrapped the deal, he reimposed strict Economic sanctions against Iran and targeted Iran’s Oil and Financial Sectors.

Tehran has exceeded limits to its Nuclear activities set under the deal and this has raised suspicions that Iran could be using the program as a cover-up to develop a nuclear bomb.

But the Government of Iran has insisted that its Nuclear ambition was peaceful.

The Iran Nuclear deal was signed by the EU, US, Iran, Russia, and China and was designed to constrain the program in a way the can verify ways in return for sanctions relief.

Joe Biden has promised to open talks with Iran when he is sworn into office as US President in 2021.

He further said that he will resurrect the Iran Nuclear deal and lift strict sanctions if Tehran complies strictly with the nuclear deal.

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