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Joe Biden reportedly wins all the 5 votes in a particular area

The leader of any Democratic Nation Is determined through the Election process.

In this case, it is the Americans. They are currently in the polling places to decide who will guide the country in the next four years.

The contestants are the Democrats Presidential candidate, Joe. Biden with his running mate, Kamala Harris. He was the Vice President under the Obama administration from 2007 to 2016.

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His opposition is the Incumbent President, Donald Trump with his running mate, Mike Pence of the Republicans political party respectively.

Early polling results showed that Joe Biden is having an edge over Donald Trump in the national votes.

Reports this morning from CNN shows that Joe Biden have taken all the 5 votes allocates to one particular region.

“Honour of my life’’ to face President Donald Trump in the November 3- Joe Biden

The Former vice president took all the five of the votes cast for President in Dixville Notch, a tiny New Hampshire township along the US_Canada border that is among the first places in the country to make its presidential preferences known.

The ballots were casted in the minutes after midnight , becoming some of the first cast and counted on Election Day.

By their tradition, all eligible voters gather in the storied “Ballot Room” at the Balsams resorts in Dixville Notch to cast their secret ballots once the polls open at midnight.

I still wonder why a polling unit will be opened by the night but that is their tradition.

Source: CNN

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