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Lekki Killings: Trump, Biden reacts over EndSARs protesters in Nigeria, vows to act if….


Oct 21, 2020 ,
Joe Biden’s victory is lie of the year- Donald Trump blows hot

Former U.S. Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has urged the U.S. government to stand with Nigerians in the face of shooting of protesters.

“Honour of my life’’ to face President Donald Trump in the November 3- Joe Biden

In a statement made available on his official campaign website, Biden encouraged the Nigerian government to engage in a good-faith dialogue with civil society “who are peacefully demonstrating for police reform and seeking an end to corruption in their democracy.”

Angry Nigerian protesters besieged Tinubu’s resident over killing of EndSARs protesters

“My heart goes out to all those who have lost a loved one in the violence.

This, according to him, is to address the “long-standing grievances and work together for a more just and inclusive Nigeria.”

“I urge President Buhari and the Nigerian military to cease the violent crackdown on protesters in Nigeria, which has already resulted in several deaths,” Biden said.

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