Biafra: I Have Vow To Restore Biafra Even though It Will Cost My Life- Nnamdi Kanu
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The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has declared war to ‘EndNigeriaNow’ as EndSARs protesters were shot yesterday by the Nigerian Army at the Lekki axis.

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu revealed exactly Nigeria will end

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The IPOB leader, vowed to go into the Forest until Nigeria is seeing been destroyed since the Nigerians Army shoot at innocent protesters calling for an end to bad governance in the zoo country.

Over the weeks, the Nigerian Youths in the country has come out to exercise their civil right in great numbers demanding for the police brutality, EndSARs, and calls for good governance in the country, yet, who to safeguard the protesters are killing them.

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In his claimed, The Nigerian Army has escalated this peaceful protest to war, a revolution in Nigeria has come to stay, No doubt about that.

20th October has already marked as a Nigeria bleeding day in the history of this country. With numerous Nigerian youths killing at Lekki, the turned of our fallen heroes.

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Nnamdi Kanu also ordered for All police men, and Military to leave Abia State immediately, if seen are around should be killed.

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The IPOB leader, also ordered destruction of all government properties including Murtala Muhammad Airport to be brought down.

Tinubu’s Oriental hotel and Dangote’s pipeline project should be brought down.

In otherword,  Nigeria flag should be painted with the innocent blood share on Lekki killing yesterday as Green, White, and Red.

“Whenever you see Tinubu stone him to death, he is the architecture of Nigerian’s predicament.

“Nigeria is bleeding, I have tag on the United Kingdom and others official websites.”

In addition, “I hereby urged all family members to get ready for the battle ahead of us, if not, Buhari will kill us all.” Kanu conclude.

According to Kanu, ” Don’t touch area like, schools, hospitals, media houses.”

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