• Fri. Jun 24th, 2022

Lukaku’s outburst at Tuchel: Romelu should learn from Hazard, Messi, and respect Chelsea’s form

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For footballers especially, they go unto the field of play each hoping to give their best to the club or country they represent and once they do this well, they earn their respect and that’s what makes them the best. But when things go south for them in terms of injuries, lacking playing time especially after joining a new club, it’s how you handle the pressure that would define if you would earn the respect of the club.

Often, we’ve seen player grant interviews and among the latest is Chelsea striker, Romelu Lukauka’s outburst about how he’s unhappy with the situation at Chelsea under Thomas Tuchel. Speaking to Sky Sports, Lukaku said he was physically fine but unhappy at Chelsea because the coach has decided to play with another system and as a professional, he won’t give up. Not only that, but Lukaku also maintained how he would love to return to inter.

Since this interview came out, the different reaction has trailed it with most fans bashing the player for putting the situation of the club out like that regardless of when the interview was done. For someone who has barely been with the club for months having joined in a mouth-watering deal from Inter and subsequently missing half of the season through injures and illness, that was poor from Lukaku especially at a home when Chelsea are struggling and needed their best set of players one which Lukaku is to show leadership, the character he instead with this interview, adds fuel to the flames as this comment wouldn’t help Tuchel in any way.

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Of course, Lukaku hasn’t had the best start to Chelsea but he’s not the only one and using Messi as an example here, he had struggled since joining PSG. In a game with Lyon this season, Pochettino substituted Messi when the side needed to find a win, Messi showed his displeasure (picture below) but that doesn’t mean after the match he would go on to speak ill of the manager or the club itself.

Eden Hazard is another case here as the player has been through it all at Madrid from injury to lack of playtime. Hazard also once disrespected Madrid when he was seen laughing at the end of the match his side played with Chelsea in last season UCL. But later, he realised he was wrong and apologised afterwards as it was not his intention to offend the Real Madrid faithful.

These are players who have handled the pressure well and are not arrogant to their respective clubs. Romelu Lukaku should learn from them and instead of being disrespectful to his side.

Going on, it’s left to see how best Tuchel would handle this and also respond.