MUN 3-ARS 2: 2 Players Mikel Arteta should have benched that lead to Arsenal’s defeats

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Arsenal match against the Red Devils Manchester United at the Old Trafford stadium was a tougher match to watch the highlight of the match consistently because of the great performances put in place by Arsenal.

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No doubt, Arsenal’s Coach, Mikel Arteta try his possible best to played against Manchester United with his best men by the penalty award made it a victory for Man United 3-2 at home.

The crucial game between Manchester United and Arsenal was full of action. The game was end-to-end, but the game ended in deadlock. Note that Odegaard’s unguarded goal gave Arsenal the lead in the 13th minute, Bruno equalized before halftime.

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However, two second-half goals from Ronaldo were enough to secure the lead for Manchester United.

Well, the main highlights of the game were Ronaldo’s brilliant performance, De Gea’s tackle, and Odegaard’s reckless second-half tackle. This article will center on 2 Arsenal players who should be blamed for the defeat against Manchester United. Take a look!

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1. Martin Odegaard.

Despite scoring Arsenal’s second goal, the Norwegian’s needless tackle on Fred led to the winning goal of the game.

Note that this tackle inside the penalty box led to a penalty kick, and Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t hesitate to score. Aside from the goal, Odegaard had little contribution in the game. Hence, he should be blamed for the defeat.

2. Thomas Partey.

The Ghanian is to be blamed for Ronaldo’s first goal. The 28-year-old midfielder left Ronaldo unmarked, and this allowed to Portuguese to beat Ramsdale with a one-time finish.

Note that the Ghanian had an opportunity to track Ronaldo’s run, but he wasn’t aware of his environment.

In conclusion, note that this defeat ensures that Arsenal remained in the 5th position, while Manchester United moved to 7th place.

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