Live Commentary: Central African Republic vs Nigeria WCQ 2022 Qualifying Match
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This is why am writing that Nigeria has the best players.

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1.Nigeria as a country is a well trained country with moral discipline to the youth and the up coming children.

2. Nigeria has the best states where fruits and plants grow which others countries can’t get.

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3. Nigeria has brilliant up coming football players that are not yet known, cause of there poor education or because poverty.

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But Nigeria has players that if they where given a chance today they will make Nigeria be seen as a the giant o Africa.

Nigeria has also:

Wilfred Ndidi

This Leicester City midfielder has been one of the highest performing players in the English Premier League.

Samuel Chukwueze

This player is a young and successful player, Nigeria will like to watch Samu continue his development with the La Liga side, and all things being equal.

David Okereke

This player moved is a well played player he knows how to dribble the ball like Messi. A fiery start saw him smash in four goals in his first four starts for the Blue-Black

Nigeria is a great country when it comes to sport they put all there strength and mind in it.

15 / 100
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